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Young Israel Ohab Zedek of North Riverdale & Yonkers


Every Sunday after ShacharitJoin us for a wonderful weekly learning group with Rabbi Hain - we will be learning the fourth chapter of ברכות.

Pesach Prep


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Please click here for the OU Passover website: The site now contains more helpful information of products and on Kashering!


Maot Chitim: Please remember to mail in donation (to YIOZ or directly to our treasurer Mitch Benus- YIOZ C/o Mitch Benus 425 West 260th Street) for Maot Chittim to help indigent Jews locally and in Israel celebrate Passover.


Hospitality: If you would like to host/share a meal/seder with YIOZ members and friends over Pesach, please email Rabbi Hain (


Important Pesach links and documents  - updated for 2015:

Pesach Bulletin / Pesach in Ten Easy Steps / Sale of Chametz form (regular) / Sale of Chametz form (Israel & Europe)


Shabbat March 28th following 9 AM Shacharit - Rabbi Shmuel Hain’s HaGadol Discourse


Drasha at 10:45 AM, Youth groups will continue through the drasha.

The Sages and their Seder Stories: From B’nei Brak to Lod and Back

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This year's Shabbat HaGadol discourse will explore one of the most peculiar passages in the haggadah; the story of the Sages gathering in Bnei Brak. Why does the Seder interrupt its story of the exodus with this story of a Seder?

Join us as we examine the significance of this story by comparing and contrasting it with a parallel story in the Tosefta. Together we will uncover the profound educational, historical, halakhic, and theological messages embedded within these parallel tales. The entire YIOZ community is invited to participate in this Pre-Pesach, in-depth, community learning opportunity sure to enhance your Seder experience.



Community Info

Service for Older Adults - Click here for more information about the Safe at Home Hudson Community Project, a joint project of the YM/YWHA of Inwood/Washington Heights, YM/YWHA of Riverdale, JCC of Inwood/Washington Heights and Hebrew Home of Riverdale.

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35th Anniversary GAla

Motzaei Shabbat December 13th, 2014

Honoring Roz & Toby Feinerman and Rosesara & Jonathan Greenspun

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Click here view the YIOZ 35th Anniversary Gala Journal

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World Premiere of the official YIOZ community video!

Yioz Master from yioz video on Vimeo.

In advance of our gala dinner on Motzei Shabbat December 13th 2014,  we shared video profiles of members of the YIOZ community.The videos culminated with the public broadcasting of the official YIOZ community video at the 2014 dinner. Click below to see the videos.

Nachman Mazurek The Roshwalbs The Winters The Teslers Tsuri Matsui The Sterns


Fri, 27 March 2015 7 Nisan 5775