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All services @ SAR HS unless otherwise noted

Shabbat Parshat Vayishlach

Friday, December 4

Candles: 4:10

Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat: 4:20 PM

Shabbat , December 5

Shacharit: 8 AM & 9:30 AM (Indoors)
9:45 AM (Outdoors - entranceway)
Sof Zeman Keriat Shema: 9:23 AM

Mincha (outdoors, with an indoor option if raining): 
4:10 PM (MUST sign up this week). Please use this sign up sheet  to register.

Shiur (indoors): 4:30 PM
Ma'ariv at SAR HS (outdoors, with indoor option if raining): 5:00 PM

Havdalah 5:10 PM 

Motzaei Shabbat at 6:30 PM: 

Riverdale Community Zoom Tehillim and Shiur

This Motzaei Shabbat, December 5th from 6:30-7:10 PM, we will gather as a community and dedicate our recitation of Tehillim and study of Torah to the Refuah Shleimah of Yossi Mazurek, יוסף בצלאל בן רות. 

Following the recitation of Tehillim, a brief shiur will be delivered by Rabbi Mayer Twersky, Rosh Yeshiva at RIETS.

All are welcome to join us for this meaningful program. 

Click Here to join the program.


Weekday Services - UPDATE

Schedule of Weekday Services December 6-11

Shacharit (Beginning at Yishtabach):

Sunday: 8:30 AM @ SAR HS
Monday- Friday (Chanukah): 6:30 AM @ TRM
Sunday Mincha/Ma'ariv: 4:20 PM @SAR HS

*Monday-Thursday: Ma'ariv only @ 8 PM: Location: SAR HS*

*Chanukah begins on Thursday night

Halakhic Note on Chanukah Lighting this year:

This year, since more of us are working from home, we will have all members of our households present at nightfall (Tzeit Hakochavim- approximately 5:00 PM throughout Chanukah). Care should be taken to light candles as a household at the earliest time possible after nightfall. 

Sat, January 23 2021 10 Shevat 5781