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Upcoming Schedule of Services and Programs

All services @ SAR HS unless otherwise noted

Shabbat Nachamu Parshat Va'etchanan

August 12-13, 2022 - 16 Av 5782

Friday, August 12

Mincha 7:00 PM

Candles: 7:40 PM (repeat shema after 8:30 PM)

Shabbat, August 13

Shacharit: 7:45 AM & 9:15 AM; Shema before 9:29 AM

Kiddush/Sheva Brachot sponsored by Dr. Laura Shaw Frank and Rabbi Aaron Frank in honor of the marriage of their daughter Ateret to Jonathan Brauner.

There are no Youth Groups over the summer. Parents must supervise their children at all times. 

Mincha: 7:40 PM

Shiur with Rabbi Shmuel Hain

Ma'ariv: 8:30 PM

Havdalah: 8:39 PM

Fri, August 12 2022 15 Av 5782