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Passover @ YIOZ


Click here for the schedule of Pre-Pesach classes which will get you ready for the holiday!

Click here for: Pesach in Ten Easy Steps (2018 edition): Your guide for cleaning and Kashering your home for Pesach! 

Click here for the Pesach Schedule for all of the important times for before and during the holiday.

‚ÄčAuthorization for sale of Chametz forms for America and for Israel/Europe. You fill out the form based on where YOU will be for Pesach (not based on where the chametz is located). Hard copies of these forms will be available at YIOZ beginning this weekend. Ideally, one should perform the transaction in person with me at YIOZ following Shacharit or Mincha/Ma'ariv services. If you are not able to do so, please fill out the form and scan it to the following email:

Maot Chitim: Please remember to go to donate/pay or mail in your donation for Maot Chittim to help indigent Jews locally and in Israel celebrate Passover.

Hospitality: If you would like to host/share a meal/seder with YIOZ members and friends over Pesach, please email me at



Young Israel Ohab Zedek of North Riverdale/Yonkers is a warm and welcoming community synagogue located in Riverdale. YIOZ aspires to be the religious, intellectual and spiritual home for each of its members. In the last several years, YIOZ has welcomed an influx of young families who together with the community's pioneers have created a unique shul, renowned for its warmth and the diversity of its membership. 

This is an exciting time to join the YIOZ community. New programming for youth, additional minyanim for tefillahmore classes and shiurim for adults, expanded opportunities for chesed, advocacy for Israel and social action, all ensure that each member of YIOZ contributes to, and feels a part of, this growing and vibrant kehillah.

For more information please email us at 

Kiddush Announcements!

We are happy to announce that we are now offering new kiddush and seudat shlishit packages and prices along with a new online processing system. We are also offering the opportunity to sponsor individual food items or make one-time or recurring contributions to enhance kiddush on shabbatot without a fully sponsored kiddush.

  • New kiddush and seudat shlishit packages can be seen by viewing the "Sponsor A Kiddush" page on our website.
  • Every Tuesday, if there is no sponsor for the kiddush for the coming shabbat, we will send out an email offering the opportunity to contribute, either by purchasing individual food items or by making a one-time or recurring donation. Orders for the upcoming kiddush will need to be placed before 10 PM on Wednesdays. 
  • If you enjoy a L'Chaim at shul with your friends please consider contributing to the fund that supports it. Click here to support the L'Chaim fund with either a one-time or recurring contribution.

We hope this new system will encourage everyone to recognize more important events together and simply to share community each week at YIOZ by enhancing our kiddush for all to enjoy. Please feel free to contact Yael Monselise (phone: 718-548-0105, email: with any questions or to complete the sponsorship sign up on your behalf. 

Mon, March 19 2018 3 Nisan 5778