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Upcoming Schedule of Services and Programs

All services @ SAR HS unless otherwise noted

Shabbat Parshat Yitro

January 21-22, 2022- 20 Shevat 5782

January 21

Candles: 4:41 PM

Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat: 4:50 PM (Beit Midrash)

Shabbat, January 22


7:45 AM (Beit  Knesset) & 9:15 AM (Beit Midrash)

10:00 AM-  Junior Congregation followed by Youth Groups 

Kiddush sponsored by Carol Osher and Ed Reingold in honor of their marriage

Mincha: 4:45 PM (SAR HS Beit Midrash)

Shiur with Rabbinic Intern Noah Marlowe

Ma'ariv: 5:35 PM 

Havdalla: 5:43 PM 

Mish/Mash: Parent-Child Learning: *6:15 PM *note updated time

Wed, January 26 2022 24 Shevat 5782