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If you missed the fabulous YIOZ Virtual Dinner Celebration, honoring Lea and Michal Geller, and Miriam Schacter and Benjy Gampel, click here to view the video.

Or check out the Celebration Journal  here.


Fast of 17 Tammuz and the Laws of the Three Weeks
For Rabbi Hain's review of the laws of the Three Weeks and for times for 9th of Av, CLICK HERE 

Daily and Weekly Classes

  • As we continue to meet online, we are pleased to share this digest of daily and weekly classes offered by YIOZ/ YIOZ members.
  • Join a weekly or daily class to learn and to connect!
  • Additional adult ed offerings (book clubs, monthly lectures) will be added to this digest each week (Passwords for Zoom meetings will come in emails.)
If you missed it: Watch the recording of Rabbanit Aliza Sperling's Tisha B'Av Shiur, "Her Gates Have Sunk Into the Ground: When Will Korach's Voice Be Heard Again?"  You can view the recording HERE. Use password: W2mVdA%=

Daily Classes:

*New: Daily Kids' Mishnah Club—Tractate Ta'anit, for ages 7-11 (and the young and old at heart) with Rabbi Ethan Tucker and Yoav Tucker

Monday-Thursday, 4:30-5:00 PM

We are now studying Tractate Ta'anit. We will study a few mishnayot each day. Kids are encouraged to read along with us (me and my son) as we lead the session. There are polls and other fun interactive pieces. See what all the hype is about! Join Kids' Mishnah Club here:


Weekly Classes:


Weekly Sefer Melachim (I Kings) Class with Rabbi Shmuel Hain

*Sundays, 8:30 PM- 9:00 PM, *Starts 4/26

Join us as we study the success and struggles of Shlomo, followed by the split of the Kingdom.

Zoom Link: mobile: +16465588656, 95709893819#

Weekly Class with Dr. Hillel Mali (in Hebrew)

Wednesdays 9 PM

This weekly class usually meets at the home of Hila and Amit Stern. During this time, the class is being held over zoom. The shiur will begin a new series of classes this week! Please email Amit Stern for more info and for the zoom link:


Weekly Talmud Class with Rabbi Ethan Tucker

Tuesdays, 8 PM, Starting 4/21

Come learn the fourth chapter of Sanhedrin (אחד דיני ממונות, beginning on 32a) as we explore issues around civil and criminal procedure in rabbinic law. This class has been meeting in Rabbi Tucker's home for the past few years and we are now inviting you to join from afar! We will focus on the original text and Rashi, with occasional reference to a Tosafot and outside commentaries, both medieval and modern. A perfect class both for people with a background in Talmud as well as adventurous learners ready to jump in to the original text with guide. Recommended to bring your own text, there will be screensharing as well. Register for the new Weekly Talmud Class here:


The Sicha: Hebrew Book Reading Group

Sundays, 4 pm

Join the neighborhood weekly Hebrew Book reading club as we move to Zoom.

Current Book: ארבעה בתים וגעגוג

Author: אשכול נבו

For more information and to receive the zoom link, email:


Gemara Group taught by Rabbi Michael Kramer - Studying 3rd chapter of Moed Katan/ Laws of Mourning

Mondays, 8:30 PM

Join this weekly gemara group (the longest-running weekly shiur in the neighborhood) on Zoom. Lively learning and discussion. Please request the password.
Meeting ID: 746 298 8242

Community Supported Agriculture Sign-up

In today’s times knowing that your food is coming and where it is coming from is essential. We hope you'll join us in supporting local farmers and enjoying fresh produce throughout the summer and into the fall! CSA will offer streamline pick ups and offer delivery or ‘pick up for a buddy’ for vulnerable members. Fruit deliveries begin in early May. Vegetables & eggs start arriving in early June. Visit for information and to sign up or email . To learn more about the Community Supported Agriculture movement visit: To learn about our farmers: (fruits), and (vegetables and eggs). Signup for full or half shares of fruits, veggies or eggs. Pickups are Wednesday evenings at HIR from 5:30- 8:30pm and run from early May until late October.


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