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 All Kiddush options includes herring and crackers, grape juice, soda, liquor and paper goods. Please note that Kiddush options II-IV assume 125 people.

$360-Kiddush Option I: Gefilte fish, garden salad, crudites, assorted pastry, fresh seasonal fruit. Assumes at least 50 people. 

: Cholent, crudite, chopped liver, gefilte fish, vegetable lo mein, middle eastern salads, chocolate chip cookies and brownies, fresh seasonal fruit.

holent, potato kugel, tossed salad, pretzel & panko chicken nuggets (served with honey mustard), hard salami with deli mustard, gefilte fish, chopped liver, fresh seasonal fruit, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate rugelach and brownies. 

: Chulent, potato kugel, sweet noodle kugel, sliced kishka, BBQ beef, Pretzel & panko chicken nuggets (with honey mustard), shwarma chicken strips (served with tahini dipping sauce), crudite, chopped liver, garlic green beans, gefilte fish, chocolate chip cookies and brownies, fresh seasonal fruit.


Seudat Shlishit 

Each Seudat Shlishit assumes 45-50 people and includes challa rolls, paper goods and soda. 

$100- Option I: Fruit platter and tuna salad.

$150- Option II: Tuna salad and egg salad.

$250- Option III: Tuna salad, egg salad, fruit platter, gefilte fish, and cole slaw.

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If you prefer to sponsor Kiddush through a different caterer, please note there is a $180 fee associated to the use the shul's facilities, soda, alcohol, and paper goods

 Please note that we have additional food options below.


   Chopped Liver
   Hard Salami Platter
   Chicken Nuggets
   Fresh Seasonal Fruit
   Large Pastry Platter
   Medium Pastry Platter
   Sweet Noodle Kugel
   Sweet Noodle Kugel
   Potato Kugel
   Sweet Noodle Kugel
    String Bean Pasta
   Assorted Deli Platter
   Chicken Poppers
   Gefilte Fish
   Miniature Meatballs
   Franks In Blankets
   BBQ Beef
   Grilled Chicken Breast


Wed, July 17 2019 14 Tammuz 5779